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RNA Probe Purification Kit
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EzgeneTM RNA Probe Purification Kit allows rapid and convenient recovery of up to 50 µL RNA from any transcription reaction. ezBind spin cartridges and optimized buffers facilitate isolation of pure RNA from nucleotides,unincorporated label, enzymes, and salts. The protocol is simple and fast ensuring minimal RNase contamination and consistent results. Both radioisotopic and non-radioactive probes maybe purified with the system.

Storage and Stability
All components of the RNA Probe Purification Kit are stable for at least 24 months from the date of purchase when storedat22-25 oC.

Before Starting
Please take a few minutes to read this booklet thoroughly and become familiar with the protocol. Prepare all materials required before starting to minimize RNA degradation.
- Whenever working with RNA, always wear gloves to minimize RNase contamination. Use only clean RNase free disposable plastic pipette tips when using the supplied reagents.
- During the procedure work carefully but quickly.
 Under cool ambient conditions, crystals may form in Buffer RB. This is normal and the bottle should be warmed to redissolve the salt.
- 2-mercaptoethanol (β-mercaptoethanol) is key in denaturing RNases and must be added to an aliquot of Buffer RB before use. Add 20 µL of 2-mercaptoethanol per 1 mL of Buffer RB. This mixture can be stored for 1week at room temperature.
- All centrifugation steps must be carried out at22-25 oC.
- Wash Buffer II Concentrate must be diluted with absolute ethanol before use:
RC3611-00: Add 18 mL absolute (96%-100%) ethanol to bottle.
RC3611-01: Add 36 mL absolute (96%-100%) ethanol to bottle.
RC3611-02: Add 150 mL absolute (96%-100%) ethanol to bottle.

Material to Be Provided by User
- Absolute (96%-100%) ethanol
- 2-mercaptoethanol (β-mercaptoethanol)
- Sterile 1.5 mL microfuge tubes
- Table top micro-centrifuge capable of 10,000 x g

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