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Plant RNA Mega Kit
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The EZgeneTM Plant RNA Midiprep Kit provides a convenient and rapid method for isolating total RNA from a variety of plant samples. The kit introduces a homogenization column to efficiently remove cell debris and simultaneously homogenize the lysate. In combination with ezBind RNA spin column, high quality RNA can be extracted from as much as 500 mg tissue. Typical yields are shown in Table I. The EZgeneTM Plant RNA Kits are ideal for processing multiple plant samples in less than one hour. The need for organic extractions is eliminated, making total RNA isolation fast, safe, and reliable. Purified RNA has OD260/280 ratios of 1.8-2.0 and is suitable for the following applications.

- Northern Analysis
- Differential display
- Poly A+ RNA selection

Storage and Stability
All components of the EZgeneTM Plant RNA Kit should be stored at 22-25 oC. Under these conditions, RNA has successfully been purified and used for RT-PCR after 24 months of storage. Under cool ambient conditions, a precipitate may form in the Buffer LY. In case of such an event, heat the bottle at 37 oC to dissolve.  Store Buffer LY at room temperature.

Binding Capacity
Each ezBind RNA column can bind approximately 100 μg RNA. Using greater than 500 mg plant tissue usually will not dramatically improve yields and sometimes has adverse effects.

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