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MV Gel Purification Kit
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This fast and reliable kit is designed to recover DNA from agarose gels. DNA fragments from 100 bp to 20 kb can be purified using the ezBindTM mini column with over 80-90 % recovery.

Storage and Stability
All components can be stored at room temperature. All kit components are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchasing.

Safety Information
Buffer GC contains acidic acid and chaotropic salts, which may form reactive compounds when combines with bleach. Do not add bleach or acidic solutions directly to the preparation waste. 

Before Starting
Prepare all components and get all necessary materials ready by examining this instruction booklet and become familiar with each steps.

- Add 8 mL (DC3718-00) 100% ethanol to DNA Wash Buffer before use.
- Add 48 mL (DC3718-01) 100% ethanol to DNA Wash Buffer before use.
- Add 216 mL (DC3718-02) 100% ethanol to DNA Wash Buffer before use.
- A gel slice of 100 mg equals to a volume of 100 µL.
- Buffer GC may form precipitates under cool ambient condition. Warm up the buffer at 37°C to dissolve before use.
- Pre-warm aliquots of Elution Buffer or ddH2O at 55-60°C waterbath.
Materials supplied by users
- Tabletop microcentrifuge and 1.5 mL microtubes.
- 55-60°C waterbath.
- Vacuum manifold if use vacuum protocol.
- 96~100 % ethanol.
- Isopropanol for DNA fragment less than 200 bp.
 Perform all steps including centrifugation at room temperature!

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