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M13 Isolation Kit
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The EZgeneTM Forensic gDNA Purification Kit provides a rapid and easy method for the isolation of genomic DNA from forensic samples, such as dry blood, buccal swabs, and sperm for consistent PCR and Southern analysis. This kit can also be used for the preparation of genomic DNA from mouse tail snips, whole blood, buffy coat, serum, and plasma. No phenol/chloroform extractions and isopropanol or ethanol precipitation are needed. DNA purified using this method is ready for downstream applications such as PCR, Southern blotting, and restriction digestion.
In this procedure, samples are first lysed and applied to the spin column that DNA binds. While cellular debris, hemoglobin, and other proteins are effectively washed away by DNA Wash Buffer, pure DNA is eluted in sterile deionized water or elution buffer. Each ezBind column can bind approximately 100 μg DNA.

Storage and Stability
Once reconstituted, Protease K must be stored at -20°C. All other components can be stored at 22-25°C.Under these conditions, performance of all components of the kit are guaranteed at least 12 months from the date of purchase. Under cool ambient conditions, a precipitate may form in the Buffer BL; heat the bottle at 37°C to dissolve the precipitate before use.

Safety Information
Buffer BL contains acidic acid and chaotropic salts, which may form reactive compounds when combines with bleach. Do not add bleach or acidic solutions directly to the preparation waste. Ware gloves and protective eye
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