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Express Endofree Plasmid Maxiprep
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Key to the kit is our proprietary DNA binding systems that allow the highly efficient binding of DNA to our ezBindTM matrix while proteins and other impurities are removed by Wash Buffer. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with sterile water or Elution Buffer.

Unlike other kits in the markets, no chaotropic salts are contained in the buffer of our patented plasmid purification kit. The purified DNA is guanidine/anion exchange resin residues free.

The EZgeneTM endofree system uses a specially formulated buffer that extracts the endotoxin from the bacterial lysate. The endotoxin level is less than 0.1 EU (Endotoxin) per µg of plasmid DNA. 

This kit is designed for fast and efficient purification of plasmid DNA from 100 to 200 mL of E. coli culture. The maxi column has a plasmid DNA binding capacity of 1000 µg. 

The purified endofree DNA is ready for high performance of downstream applications such as transfection of robust cells such as transfection of endotoxin-sensitive cell lines, primary cultured cells or microinjection.

Important Notes
Plasmid Copy Numbers: The yield of plasmid DNA depends on the origin of the replication and the size of the plasmid. The protocols are optimized for high copy number plasmid purification. For low copy number plasmids, both the culture volume and the buffer volume need to be scaled up 2 times. Please contact our customer service for further information and reference Table 1 for the commonly used plasmids, 
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