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Blood RNA Maxi Kit
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The EZgeneTM Blood total RNA kit provides an easy and fast method for isolating total RNA from white blood cells within 30 min. Only trace genomic DNA exists in the purified RNA, which can be eliminated by DNase I treatment (See detail in the protocol) when it is necessary.

Storage and Stability

DNase I (optional) should be stored at -20 ℃. All other components can be stored at room temperature. All kit components are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchasing.

Before Starting

Prepare all components and get all necessary materials ready by examining this instruction booklet and become familiar with each steps.

- Add 1% volume of β-mercaptoethanol to Buffer LY before use and store at 4℃.
- Add 8 mL(R6411-00) or 80 mL (R6411-01) or 96 mL (R6411-02) 100% ethanol to RNA Wash Buffer before use.
- Optional: Add 800 µL (R6411-00) or 9.6 mL (R6411-01) or 48 mL (R6411-02) 100% ethanol to DNase Stop Buffer before use.
- Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution is supplied as 10 x concentrate. Calculate the amount of buffer to be used and mix one part of 10 x Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution with 9 part of ddH2O before use.

Materials supplied by users
- Tabletop microcentrifuge and 1.5 mL sterile tubes.
- Vacuum manifold if use vacuum protocol.
- 100% ethanol
- Optional: DNase I, DNase Buffer
Note: Perform all steps including centrifugation at room temperature

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