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96-well Tissue RNA Kit
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The EZgeneTM 96 Well Tissue RNA Kit provides an easy and fast method for isolating total RNA from animal tissues, including some difficult fibrous tissues such as skeletal muscle, heart and aorta tissue. Only trace genomic DNA exists in the purified RNA, which can be eliminated by DNase I treatment (See detail in the protocol) when it is necessary. This kit purifies up to 50 µg of total RNA from animal tissues. The purified RNA is ready for RT-PCR.
Storage and stability
DNase I (optional) and Proteinase K should be stored at -20°C. All other components can be stored at room temperature. All kit components are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchasing. 

Before starting
Prepare all components and get all necessary materials ready by examining this instruction booklet and become familiar with each steps.

- Determine the volume of Buffer LY to be used and add 20 µL of β-mercaptoethanol (β-ME) per 1 mL Buffer LY before use. Buffer LY contains β-ME can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 month.
- Crystals may form in Buffer LY, dissolve the precipitates at 37oC before use.
- Add 160 mL (R6811-00) or 2 x 320 mL (R6811-01) or 10 x 320 mL (R6811-02) 96-100% ethanol to RNA Wash Buffer before use.
- Reconstitute Proteinase K with 1.1 mL (R6811-00) or 4 x 1.1 mL (R6811-01) or 22 mL (R6811-02) DEPC-Treated ddH2O, Vortex vial briefly and aliquot into adequate portions. Store aliquots at -20 oC.
Add 36 mL (R6811-00) or 150 mL (R6811-01) or 5 x 150 mL (R6811-02) 100% ethanol to DNase Stop Buffer before use.
- All centrifuge steps must be carried out at 22 oC.

Materials supplied by users
- Centrifuge with swinging-bucket capable of 4000 g
- Rotor and adapter for 96-well plate
- Water bath or heat block preset at 55 oC
- 100% ethanol
- b-mercaptoethanol
- RNase-free pipette tips
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