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96-well Plasmid ezFilter Mini Kit
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The yield of plasmid DNA depends on the origin of the replication and the size of the plasmid. The protocols are optimized for high copy number plasmid purification. For low copy number plasmids, both the culture volume and the buffer volume need to be scaled up 3 to 5 times. Please contact our customer service for further information and reference the table below for the commonly used plasmids.

Materials supplied by user
 - Centrifuge with swing-bucket rotor (4,000 x g).
 - Please disinfect 96-well 2.2 mL plates before use.
 - Vacuum pump capable of achieving 300-400 mbar.
 - Standard vacuum manifold.
 - Oven or incubator preset to 70 oC.

Storage and Stability
All components are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. The Buffer A1/RNase A should be stored at 4oC.

Before Starting
- Exam this handbook and get familiar with each step. Prepare all components and have the necessary materials ready.
- Briefly spin down the RNase A vial and add the RNase A to Buffer A1.

Dilute DNA Wash Buffer as follows:
PD1812-00: Add 200 mL 96-100% ethanol to each bottle before use.

PD1812-01: Add 400mL 96-100% ethanol to each bottle before use.

PD1812-02: Add 500mL 96-100% ethanol to each bottle before use.

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