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Our products are produced at State-of-the–art manufacturing equipment. Decades of plastic-injection molding experience allow us to maintain the highest quality and performance standards expected by the hospitals, research institutions and industrial/clinical laboratories that we serve.  We offer a large variety of cell- and tissue-culture treated products, qPCR and PCR consumables, and general lab supplies.  Our products are utilized for cell culture, molecular biology, immunoassays, liquid handling and storage.  
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Cell Culture Dishes
Cell Culture Dishes meet ANSI standards View Products
Luna II automated cell counter
Luna II automated cell counter View Products
PlateFuge MicroPlate Centrifuge
Quickly spins down droplets in PCR plates
Unique rotor design prevents sample spillage
Accepts all popular PCR plates
Less than half the size of traditional centrifuges View Products
Micro Bead Sterilizer
Digital control, up to 300°C
Sterilizes forceps, needles & other tools (generally in 15 sec.)
Eliminates the danger associated with open flames
TALL model, for steilization of larger objects View Products
LUNA-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter
LUNA-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter View Products
Designed specifically for non-medical research use
Fully automatic; just press start
Extremely compact
Built in water tank, does not require an external water supply View Products
BenchWaver Undulating Rocker (3D)
Undulating, 3-dimesional motion
Adjustable speed and tilt angle
Large, 13 inch platform
Ideal for staining, washing & general mixing View Products